Varna South Bay
Construction Update – October 2013

October 29,2013

Construction works in Varna South Bay develop actively with 250 workers are on site each day. Progress is visible in several areas – façade plastering, building of Entrance 4/Regent’s College and preparation of the inner territory for construction of the recreational zone. This particular area has served as an access point for machinery going to and from the yard area of the construction site.

The façade, designed in neoclassical style, is being coated with mineral plastering, resistant to the sea climate specifics. On the next stage it will be decorated with natural stone elements. The walls facing the yard in entrances 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15 and 16 are being laid with the particular coating and entrances 12 and 13 are being prepared for this task.

Preparation works for the digging and excavation for the pool and fitness area are done. The rejuvenation and relax zone will provide the owners with privacy and soothing comfort within the complex area itself. Generously landscaped inner yard, designed with attention to detail, will guarantee functionality and complete relaxation.

After Entrance 4 has been build up, work continues with brickworks, which will be followed by mounting of windows and doors and inner finishing works. It is expected that Entrance 4 will be ready for the next building review (constructional completion) at the end of November.

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