Varna South Bay
New park alleys around Varna South Bay

November 28,2012

Development activities on the pedestrian and transport infrastructure commenced in the eastern areas of park Asparuhovo

Last week in Varna the Municipal authorities launched the construction of a direct road from Boulevard  1-st May to the seaside promenade of the park. The Boulevard is the main road connecting the complex Varna South Bay with the city centre. The new route is being constructed in accordance with the requirements of the European directives for accessible environment and opportunities for sport and rehabilitation.

The direct road to the beach alley consists of 3 parts:

  • Sidewalk for pedestrians
  • Bike lane
  • Carlane

Construction is conducted in rapid speed, within 6 weeks the lanes and pedestrian areas are to be completed. Important to note is the fact that the entire project will be finished before the summer season and opening of complex Varna South Bay and will not cause any inconvenience to residents and tourists.

After the completion of the new route, a transport ring will be implemented, which connects the main entrance of Varna South Bay with 1-st  May Boulevard and combined costal promenade. In addition, besides improving the accessibility, the new investment aims at alleviating the traffic and introducing one-way traffic, which will additionally ensure the comfort of the entire area.

The activities are part of a comprehensive, integrated plan for general renovation of the eastern parts of the park Asparuhovo. Parallel pedestrian and bike lanes will establish a natural link with the central and western areas of the park, which was renovated during 2007-2011. In this way the park becomes a natural extension of The Sea garden stretched on the south coast of the Varna Bay, with significantly more authentic and pristine nature and green areas.  

Finishing touches developing the area will be the additional planting of decorative park species. To blend Varna South Bay with the surrounding park, the adjacent areas of the complex will be planted in a harmony with the surrounding park.


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