Varna South Bay
The largest conference room in Varna to open its doors next year

November 9,2012

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Since only after a few days ago, Varna South Bay took the Spatial Design prize at the International Competition in Construction and Architecture- VIP Property AWARDS, we continue to raise the curtain on one of the most interesting and large-scale investments in the recent years, which is already exceeding 62 million BGN and is expected to cross the impressive limit of 100 million at the time of opening of the megaproject.

The stylish building on the south shore of Varna Bay appears to be an intersection point for holiday atmosphere and urban comfort. The investors are planning to develop an extraordinary interesting infrastructure, which will be beneficial not only for the occupants of the complex, but also for the residents and guests of Varna. Within the confines of the vast inner yard of the building will be opened the largest multifunctional hall in Varna. With an area of approximately 700 sq.m., the facility will „accommodate“conference events with up to 350 participants and cocktails for 500 guests.

It is a popular fact that the city has been suffering for years from the lack of such space, which turns out to be an obstacle not only for the social and culture life, but also for the reception of large professional forums. The benefits for the local economy from the hall are expected to be significant, since larger events are traditionally held for the needs of the richest professional and business organizations, incl. pharmaceutical companies and associations; companies in the IT sector; industrial and scientific forums

An additional argument in support of the positive expectations for profitability lies in the integrated design approach. In direct connection with the apartments in Varna South Bay and the conference room, there will be a SPA center, a sports center and a 25m indoor swimming pool. Specialists from the industry explain that the opportunities for relaxation are crucial for the selection of destination for conference tourism, which as a rule is directed to upper class clients and professional guilds. The sports center and the leisure facilities, on the other hand, open widely the door for holiday tourism of non-seasonal nature.

The investors from the company that owns Varna South Bay explain that such facilities are simply obligatory although connected with significant costs. Their development is mainly imposed by the desire of the most future owners to generate year-round returns by renting their properties. This would be impossible without the relevant preconditions for recreation outside the beneficial summer season.

Especially for our media, Mr. Yuri Pavlov explained that the returns from a year-round management of such complex exceed the interest from a bank deposit without even taking into consideration that in real estates the capital is not „eaten“ by inflation as is the case with cash deposits.

And to make our anticipation in the months before the opening of the impressive project really anxious, the investors also reveal that in the three individual buildings of Varna South Bay will be developed over 3500 m2 of commercial areas, which will „accommodate“ two restaurants, elite café bars, beauty salons and boutiques. In addition, there will be a hypermarket and a pharmacy, which in combination with the remaining infrastructure will add to the communal comfort of the territory which has never been urbanized until now.

After all this, we are also willing to agree with the slogan of the complex which seems to define the nature of Varna South Bay the best: „A holiday resort in an urban environment“.  

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