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Dubai businessmen impressed by buildings in Varna

November 1,2012


Three buildings in Varna took the special prizes at this year’s edition of the International Competition in Construction, Architecture and Design  - VIP Property AWARDS. The jury was headed by Elias Seraphim- owner of the construction company Gulf Precast Concrete, developer of Versace Hotel in Dubai ( The jury awarded the Spatial Design, Seaside Complex, and Location of the Year prizes to three complexes in the sea capital:

With regard to the Varna projects, Mr Elias Seraphim, CEO/Owner of the Dubai company, did not spare superlatives:

„We were greatly impressed, in terms of construction, performance, architecture and overall design, by the three buildings in your largest seaside city. Besides the obvious qualities, we must also note the extraordinary key location of the three complexes. Therefore, we wish that the three nominated buildings be awarded.“

The businessman found many similarities between the super luxury hotel developed by his company on the beautiful shores of the Persian Gulf and the three projects on the Varna Riviera.

According to Mr Seraphim, the attention to every detail, the skillful work with natural materials and the reference to the classical architectural styles, introduced in a contemporary context, are the distinguishing features of the modern conception of high standard.

The interest shown by the Dubai businessman turned into a private conversation with representatives of the investors of the Varna complexes. The Bulgarian developers traditionallyenjoy a good reputation in the Arab countries and we will follow with interest the further development of this dialogue. 

The importance of the three Varna complexes is huge and in a more pragmatic sense they already bring significant benefits to Varna and the region. Hundreds of workplaces have been opened during the construction process and at present, Bulgarian experts continue with the finishing works.  As a total, more than 350 workplaces will be opened in connection with activities related to property management, hotel management and commercial areas service. Varna South Bay complex is expected to have the largest share in this positive perspective for the labour market. Mr Yuriy Pavlov, from the investment company operating under the same name, summarized the good prerequisites for business, by saying:

„The complex is bordered on one side with Asparuhovo Park, on the south it is surrounded by a state forest with unique combination of coniferous and deciduous trees, and in front of Varna South Bay lays only the huge Asparuhovo beach. The beach is protected from direct winds and the depth of the bay increases gradually making it very suitable for families with kids and people with no swimming abilities. And all this within the confines of Varna!“

The more important tendency drawn by Varna South Bay, Cabacum Beach Residence and Riviera Bay  is connected with the attracting of upper class clients. The overdevelopment of the seaside resorts in Bulgaria, especially in Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, sent the upper class buyers away long ago.Now, the hope remains for such new projects developed in the conditions of already introduced high standards.

Naturally, the wealthy buyers have greater expectations for the properties they buy. Therefore, the presence of elite restaurants, swimming pools, panoramic terraces, private Jacuzzis, 24 hour service and first class location is just a standard.It sounds almost incredible, but such a luxury is absolutely possible in Bulgaria and it was undeniably appreciated long ago: 

 „There is no better measure of success than the desire of people of more than 15 nationalities to call your building their home.“

With these words, Mrs Krasimira Yordanova, from Riviera Bay’s investment company, accepted the Location of the Year award and it seems that these words fully reflect the old maxim that there is always a market for quality.

Cabacum Beach Residence is the only one of the three complexes which is already functioning.It was opened in August 2012 and since then it has effectively met the residential and holiday needs of residents of more than 10 nationalities. At the same time, it provides subsistence for more than 30 employees occupied with various activities within the complex.

The complex has quickly become popular among the local community and it is a preferred place for social events and photo sessions because of the rich decoration of the building and the breath taking sea view. A reason for regional pride outlined by the investment company Cabacum Residence is the fact that their building has been selected to illustrate the beauty of the Bulgarian seaside in an image film of our country shot last year by the US fashion and lifestyle TV Fashion 1.

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