Varna South Bay
Three complexes in Varna honoured with national awards in construction

October 31,2012


Three complexes in Varna took the special prizes at this year’s edition of the International Competition in Construction, Architecture and Design  - VIP Property AWARDS. The international jury awarded the Spatial Design, Seaside Complex, and Location of the Year prizes to three complexes in the sea capital:

The most impressive member of the jury was the developer of Versace Hotel in DubaiGulf Precast Concrete. With regard to the Varna projects, Elias Seraphim, CEO/Owner of the company, said in his official speech:

„We were greatly impressed, in terms of construction, performance, architecture and overall design, by the three buildings in your largest seaside city. Besides the obvious qualities, we must also note the extraordinary key location of the three complexes. Therefore, we wish that the three nominated buildings be awarded.“

The importance of the three complexes is huge and in a more pragmatic sense they already bring significant benefits to Varna and the region. The investors of Riviera Bay pointed out that hundreds of workplaces have been opened during the construction process and at present, Bulgarian experts continue with the finishing works. The opening of the complex will take place after 6 months, and the achievement of high standards, according to the foreign businessmen, is the key to good returns which are to be gained by focusing on wealthy clients. Wealthy buyers, of course, come at a certain price- - the complex offers elite restaurants, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, panoramic terraces, private jacuzzis, first class 24 hour service and the most desired neighbour- the sea, situated just at a strip of beach distance.

It sounds like a Hollywood movie but it appears to be the objective reality promising to become a happy everyday life for many people.  Quite logically, Mrs. Krasimira YordanovaSales Director of the investment company, accepted the Location of the Year award saying:

  „There is no better measure of success than the desire of people of more than 15 nationalities to call your building their home. “

The consolation that remains for us is in the attracted funds and the increased consumption of goods and services, which inevitably goes with wealthy buyers. 

The higher class of clients is a long-time ambition of the local business and a number of politicians but as a whole the goal remains unfulfilled. It is certain that the battle for upper class buyers in the Golden Sands and Sunny Beach is lost.Now the hope remains for the suburban and urban complexes developed in modern cross forms- a combination of residential and holiday use.

A representation of the new tendency is Varna South Bay complex, whose slogan says it all: „A holiday resort in an urban environment“. The investment company, operating under the same name, aims to combine the comforts of the large city and the privacy of a holiday property. Mr. Yuri Pavlov enthusiastically explained the good preconditions for realization of the desired model: 

„The complex is bordered on one side with Asparuhovo Park, on the south it is surrounded by a state forest with unique combination of coniferous and deciduous trees, and in front of Varna South Bay lays only the huge Asparuhovo beach. The beach is protected from direct winds and the depth of the bay increases gradually making it very suitable for families with kids and people with no swimming abilities. And all this within the confines of Varna! “

While the opening of Riviera Bay and Varna South Bay is yet to come, Cabacum Beach Residence already has a successful two-year history. It effectively meets the residential and holiday needs of its residents, which turns out to be not an easy test of the employee skills since the owners are a bunch of more than 10 nationalities.  In an economic aspect, beyond the convivial nature of the awards, we must note that the complex provides a year-round subsistence for dozens of Bulgarians occupied with property and hotel management of the private apartments.

Besides the nicely illuminated exterior where the tourists enjoy taking night photos, we can certainly add to the achievements of the investors the popularization of Cabacum beach, which has turned from a narrow regional concept into an area distinguished and preferred not only by the residents of Varna, but also by thousands of Bulgarians and foreigners. The marketing experts of Cabacum Residence explain with a smile that the success of the complex is due to the sounding of the name and the phonetic similarity with the world famous Copacabana, which is more like a self-irony in the light of the size of the Brazilian resort.

The building appears to be attractive for social events, which are plentiful in the hot period of the year. Traditionally, a scene for such events becomes the magnificent summer terrace of the complex, and for us remains the feeling of local patriotism strengthened by the fact that the building has been selected to illustrate the beauty of the Bulgarian seaside in an image film of our country shot last year by the US fashion and lifestyle TV Fashion 1.

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