Varna South Bay
A modern complex in Asparuhovo is a home for citizens from all over the Europe

November 2,2012


Foreigners from all over Europe will occupy the new complex “Varna South Bay”, which will be ready by the end of the next year, revealed in an interview for Darik radio Yuri Pavlov, representative of the investment company bearing the same name. Dutch, Belgians, Scandinavians, Swiss, Russians and others, will increase the population of Asparuhovo where the modern mini-town is situated. More than 150 people will be permanently employed and occupied with the maintenance and service of the complex and its residents.

Over 75% of the apartments in Varna South Bay have already been sold and a significant part of the owners are Bulgarians. By summer 2013, the main building of the complex with 420 apartments will be finished.

As many are the apartments in the other two buildings which will be finished by the end of the next year.

So far, 62 million BGN have been invested in Varna South Bay and the total investment will amount to more than 100 million BGN after the gradual opening of the three buildings.

The complex was honored with the Spatial Design prize at this year’s edition of the International Competition in Construction, Architecture and Design - VIP Property AWARDS. The investment was personally appraised by the developer of Versace Hotel in Dubai- Gulf Precast Concrete and Elias Seraphim, CEO/Owner of the company, who was the chairman of the jury in the international construction and design competition.

„A holiday resort in an urban environment“– this is the slogan of the modern residential complex whose investors aim to combine the comforts of the large city and the privacy of a holiday property.

The complex has recreation and entertainment areas- bars, restaurants, fitness centers, three outdoor swimming pools and one indoor swimming pool. The owners of apartments in Varna South Bay will be provided with various services- hairdresser and beauty salons, spa-center, reception desk. The largest multifunctional hall in the area, with capacity of 500 people and an area of more than 700m2 is currently under construction. The hall is suitable for large events such as conferences, seminars, balls and exhibitions. The residents in the complex will enjoy all the extras and preferential prices, confirmed Yuri Pavlov.

Varna South Bay will also have a unique inner park with interesting vegetation and an incredible landscape design. The investors are also planning to improve the outside public area around the complex.

The location of the modern mini-town is unique, said also Yuri Pavlov.„The complex is bordered by a beach, a park and a forest, and there is everything needed for a normal city life – transport, schools, kindergartens, sport centers, health care institutions.”

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